Why choose our
take-away system?

• Wide range of tray sizes
• Leak-proof and tamper-evident
• Simple to use, easy to maintain and very reliable
• Trays are recyclable
• Suppliers of take-away packaging system for over 20 years

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Outstanding benefits of our no-spill trays

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    Hotter for longer

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Special offer bundle!

Buy a sealing machine with 1 box of trays and 1 reel of sealing film to get a 10% discount off of your purchase.*




1 box of trays


1 reel of film

*Discount only applies to the first 3 boxes and it must be 1 box of each

A win-win for
your business

Trays you and your customers will love

Our huge range of sealable trays are suitable for busy takeaways of all sizes. Strong, durable and leak-proof there not only a great for you, their chilling, freezing and microwave qualities make them a winner with your customers also.

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Our quick, no-leak sealing system

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About Berry Food Packaging Solutions

Berry Food Packaging Solutions is part of Berry Global – a leading plastic product design and engineering company with over 290 operations.

Berry Global is commitment to sustainability and, by using our products, we can help your business achieve its own environmental goals. Our Takeaway Systems trays are made from one of the most environmentally friendly plastics available today and can be fully recycled.

More about sustainability at Berry Global.