About Berry Food Packaging Solutions

Berry Food Packaging Solutions is a world leader in the design of plastic products. We have been supplying all sectors of the food industry with food packaging systems (machines, trays and lidding film) for over 30 years.

We offer a wide range of packaging sizes and food machinery to suit all requirements, from individual take-aways to restaurant chains and central kitchens supplying the foodservice market.

Our Food Packaging System

The Berry Food Packaging System is a complete system consisting of plastic trays, sealing machines and sealing films.

All the trays are made of Polyethylene High Density (PE-HD), one of the most environment friendly plastics within the food industry and all the trays can be recycled.

The trays are suitable for MAP-packing (modified atmosphere packaging), skin-pack, sterilisation, pasteurisation, cooling and deep freezing. It can be heated in microwave oven, hot air or hot water.

Temperature resistance: from -50°C to +121°C.

Lightweight trays can be produced upon request.

Our Tray sealing machine program varies from small manual hand-operated machines up to full automatic high speed lines with vacuum and gas options. General purpose sealing films, peel-off, anti-fog and skin-pack films are also a part of our program.

 Watch our takeaway food packaging system in action below:

Together with our competence on food technology and a dedicated service team we offer you an unique solution with decades of experience.

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