Food Sealing Machines

Food Packaging Sealing Machines & Sealing Film

At Berry Bebo Food Packaging we know how important it is in terms of efficiency that all parts fit perfectly together, and we have vast experience getting production lines to work smoothly. Our machines are easy to use and provide a strong seal for your package. Our machine range from small manual machines to fully automatic high speed packaging lines, with vacuum, gas flush and skin pack options. In fact, there is a Berry Bebo Food Packaging System to suit every application
All products we make are part of a larger unit. The parts work easily together in all facets of production and make a positive contribution to your business.


Manual Sealing Machines

The Promens 538s machine is the smallest in our range

The 539s machine is the sister machine to the 538s and the newest in our range. The 539s is also available in a profile cut machine.

A rugged and durable table-top tray sealing machine

Entry level machine for sealing larger trays


Semi Automatic Sealing Machine

The Promens 511s a semi-automatic sealing machine


A rugged, low cost hand operated sealing machine approved for food contact

511 skin pack

A rugged, low cost hand operated sealing machine for vacuum skin packing


The Promens 911VGJ is the biggest semi-automatic packaging machine for sealing trays


Automatic Manual Sealing Machine


The unit structure is made completely of stainless steel


The Promens 1752 is an automatic tray sealing machine


The Promens 1951VG machine is an automatic tray sealing machine


The Promens 1952VG is an automatic tray sealing machine


Sealing Film

Promens tray lidding films are available for Straight Sealing, PeelSeal and Anti-Fog applications. Our materials deliver optimum performance in puncture resistance, seal integrity and are all suitable for MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

Recyclable polyolefin substrates
Unbeatable seal strength when used in combination with our recyclable Promens HDPE trays
Available plain or printed
Huge range of sizes available from stock